WELCOME to IMPEC FILTERS Pvt. Ltd., an enterprise that was conceived by first generation technocrat entrepreneurs Mr. Shankar Rajasekaran and
Mr. Ramanan eighteen years ago. The promoters started their engineering careers with M/s. Ashok Leyland Ltd., Chennai in the middle management
category. After gaining a decade of core industrial experience, the promoters went on to establish IMPEC and manage it till date.

IMPEC was founded with the intention of manufacturing quality and cost effective air filtration products for HVAC, Industrial & Clean Room applications.
During the last nearly two decades of operation, we have made significant improvement in every direction towards our vision and mission. Our products
enjoy respectable patronage among our customers. We are striving to improve upon our performance in all areas of work in terms of quality and
quantity every year.

At IMPEC, we realize that we are engineers first and only then businessmen. Hence we prefer to be focused on the technical compatibility of our products
to the intended application. We strongly believe in "a price for a product specification" instead of the reverse and also in "Cost effective products &
services" instead of cheap products and services.

Air Filters for

Clean Rooms Commercial Building