1. Available in standard sizes of 4' x 2', 3' x 2' and 2' x 2' in height of 14". Non standard sizes available on request.
  2. Option of SS 304 (or) SS 316 (or) Aluminium (or) Galvanized sheet steel enclosure with suitable surface finish.
  3. Option of down stream perforated grille having MOC SS 304 (or) SS 316 (or) Aluminium (or) Galvanized sheet steel with suitable surface finish if needed.
  4. Replaceable H13 or H14 Mini pleat Hepa filter and 5 micron Pre filter.
  5. Facility to measure pressure differential across Hepa filter.
  6. Suitable for ceiling suspension or for direct fitment on mezzanine floor.
  7. Energy efficient centrifugal impeller with outer rotor motors.
  8. Dynamically balanced motor and blower for reduced vibration.
  9. Filtration up to 0.3 microns down to 99.999% efficiency.
  10. Noise level less than 65 dB.
  11. Face velocity of 0.55 m/s.
  12. Acoustic insulation for reduced noise.
  13. Tested for Air flow rate, Particle counts, noise level and DOP scan.
  14. Most suitable for clean room applications involving short project times, and reduced space for installing supply and return ducts above false ceiling.