To achieve "Total Technical Compliance" in the field of air particulate filtration through complete understanding of the application requirements and designing and manufacturing cost effective products to fully satisfy the application requirements.


To be a "Pleasure To Be Associated With" status company for all concerned, offering world class, cost effective and environmental friendly products and services to the industry with an active "Corporate Social Responsibility".


  1. We vow to be a matured and responsible industrial citizen of India by abiding all the laws of the land and by complying with all the governmental regulations.
  2. We will be fair in all we do and strictly practice a policy of "Say what we do and Do what we say".
  3. We will strive to work towards a "Win - Win" situation.
  4. We will work towards the prosperity and delight of all our customers, suppliers, service providers, business associates, and our selves.

  1. Quality consciousness will be built into each system and all procedures will be system driven. The company will adopt a policy of zero tolerance towards deviation from stipulated procedures in all areas of work.
  2. Every employee will develop a positive and cooperative attitude towards work and believe in doing quality work for his or her own personal satisfaction.
  3. "Quest for perfection" and "Time frame consciousness" will be the key basis words for all actions.
  4. The above will be achieved through periodic professional and attitudinal training and evaluation to all concerned.